A Street Cat Named Bob


Watched this yesterday and it’s a fairly good feel good film. It feels more real than 101 Dalmations but not Dead Man’s Shoes…

I’d put it in the same section as Lady in the Van.

The acting by the main characters James Bowen (Luke Treadaway) and Bob (himself) was good but I can’t help but think the actual James Bowen and Luke Treadaway must have chronic neck ache, as Bob perched on his shoulders. But that’s just me, my neck hurts without a furry friend on it.

I had a ginger cat like Bob once, called Seer from the Cat Protection League in the ’80’s and 90’s, very loyal until he passed away.

Plus I have a bit of experience with homeless issues, substance abuse and mental health programmes. The serious issues of under funding and the consequent lack of available places for recovering addicts and the lack of support for vulnerable people in the scenarios in the film are touched upon. But not to the extent where the plot is lost.

Depending on your point of view that could either be a bad or good thing. I haven’t read the book or met James Bowen, so cannot say what the intended focus should be but the film works in my opinion.

I know it’s based on a true story but I did think during the film how many homeless people I’ve seen with dogs who don’t get book deals but that’s sort of the point isn’t it, Bob is a novel attraction to people who usually ignore the homeless.

As is highlighted by the snooty, rich lady who tries to bully James into selling Bob.

The family issues and love interest are good hooks and everything flows.

I’d recommend to watch this if you like a less than saccharin sweet story with gritty roots, you won’t be disappointed.