SmokeStack, Leeds

This venue is on two floors next to Viet Guy in central Leeds, straight up the steps to the first floor where it’s more drinking focused then up the stairs again to the more dancey bit.

The bar staff are quite friendly and polite and although there’s a queue at most times to get served, they’re pretty good on both floors.

I had a vodka martini first which I wasn’t impressed by, served in a short glass! Bit disappointing as it knackers the taste but the caipirinhas (but too much ice) were okay plus my mate kept getting vodka shots with them…so after a few who would notice if they weren’t the best cocktails…

Anyways, price wise it’s okay, £15 for 2 drinks. You have to pay that it seems in central Leeds these days for anywhere half decent but there was no cover so depending how much you imbibe it doesn’t have to break the bank. Still not cheap as chips…

The music was pretty good, decks spun by some quite well dressed (dinner jackets and slicked back hairdos…) DJ’s, the set included Toots and the Maytals, Desmond Dekker, Bob Marley amongst quite a few other Trojan, roots and ska classics. It was New Year’s Eve so maybe it was a special set but on the whole good but there was a bit of mismatched jazz dance hop type stuff which I’m not a fan of.

So, anyways, on the whole… good and I can’t really blame the club for it but there were some lost souls who seemed to be looking to cause trouble or maybe just posturing but was a bit irritating. Security was around but it’s the atmosphere of the place that really makes it isn’t it?

Overall not that welcoming but not the worst place either. If you like the mish mash of music, lack of a spacious dancefloor and don’t mind having to move around the place to avoid aggro and keep dancing, this place could be right up your street. I probably won’t see you there though.

*Stock image for the featured image, forgot to take a pic, may update as I walk past it some day…

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