Mysterious Skin

WARNING: Not a full review, just my honest opinion.


I couldn’t watch this film. Sorry, I turned it off after about 10 minutes.

It’s got great reviews on other sites, I thought I could watch it but…

It’s too raw and real the way it’s portrayed for me, with the narrative by the main characters explaining their feelings and confusion as vulnerable children.

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt was shown as an adolescent picking up a trick in a children’s play park and the subsequent trip to a seedy hotel room with a middle aged salesman…

I switched it off, it made my skin crawl.

The previous scenes were so odd that I was in a bit of shock, fascinated by the cinematography and music which feels very atmospheric.

I’ve watched films such as, Sleepers and The Lovely Bones but those films don’t start with such an “in your face approach.” The presented  story is framed by adult or other characters and you are lead into the abuse storyline, not in Mysterious Skin.

If you watch it and think but “Fowad didn’t get to story even, it’s worth the mental anguish because it’s a fantastic film” let me know. Otherwise, this one’s on the shelf not to be revisited by myself.

What I saw looked good but like I said, too much.