Check here for reviews of food/ restaurants/ books/ films/ places/ games and anything else I end up spending time on.

Please bear with me on this though, have years worth of content to publish and loads, will just list a few things I’ve experienced recently and write a “proper” review you can access from the dropdown later:

Hunt for the Wilderpeople – excellent film

Rogue One – pretty good, first time was a pretty, meh experience for me but got better the second time, third maybe better still. Then again I’ve watched all the Star Wars films a many, many times

Winter by New Model Army – really liked this

Viet Guy – very good eaterie in Central Leeds

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  graphic novel illustrated by Tony Parker with Blond – excellent but hard to find, the only graphic novel of Philip K. Dick‘s seminal book verbatim that inspired Blade Runner

PogueMahone by The Pogues – pure brilliance


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