The Girl with all the Gifts


A pretty good zombie apocalypse film that reminded me of 28 Days…the raw visceral action scenes, the sense of tension and the locations. I really liked it.

Those bastards move fast (no shuffling George A. Romero type undead in this one). If the trend for faster moving zombies is prescient we should all invest in running shoes, like now!

The introduction of Sennia Nanua is refreshing as the lead character.

Not a schmaltzy, heart rending portrayal of a lost little girl in a grown up world but an intelligent female character, supported by two other strong female supporting characters played by Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close.

She learns and adapts, shows compassion and caring but also develops a “take no shit” attitude which eventually bears fruit…well, not for everyone but that’s sort of the charm of the film.

Paddy Considine is also very good, initially seeming like a stereotypical hard nut but unlike many Hollywood equivalents shows depth as the film pushes you forward to the almost  dystopian conclusion.

I’d highly recommend it, not ground breaking but very enjoyable and worth ten times your time compared to crappy USA zombie movies.