Why get aggro on the dancefloor?

Recently went out dancing for New Year’s Eve, the music was pretty chilled, the place was okay, drinks were well made by friendly bar staff with either the obligatory hipster beard/ curly moustache and full sleeve tattoo. I don’t go out that regularly anymore, so was looking forward to it…

Chris and I were throwing shapes, ska dancing and generally getting into our music. Two, I suppose, medium sized blokes not bothering anyone in our own little world of bloke dancing.

Then insecure alpha males started turning up and decided they wanted to dance in our spots… why? Why plonk yourself in between 2 blokes when you’re already dancing with your own girlfriend? This happened a few times and we moved a few times consequently. Anyone who knows me understands I don’t seek out this type of confrontation (unless very drunk and unhappy, other stories ;-)). Never have, never will…

Not like it was a mosh pit, as I remember the DJ was playing Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals and James Brown…

So, what makes these idiots posture like this? I can’t stand these type of places and I associate them with the Ritzy’s of yesteryear full of trendy beer filled psycho’s who’d smash your face in as soon as look at you…

Anyways, we had a good night, it was New Year’s Eve, we danced drank and went to bed late after some bro chat. Have to say though, Chris is a legend, went to his day job of photo journalism at  a football match in Huddersfield on New Year’s Day! I stayed in and ate a large bowl of Bombay Mix, which I hasten to add is not a great idea when hungover and tired.

Don’t know if it’s happened to anyone else but it felt a bit like I was having a heart attack towards the end of the day, heart racing constantly. Apparently, this is a known phenomena: Beware Bombay Mix!

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