Posh reunited

Excellent, quite fresh after much putting the world to rights.

You don’t meet many people in life who actually stick to what they say and mean. Top bloke Dan and I ranted about what the current status is.

Both of us had different experiences growing up in the UK but have both investigated and verified the details on issues we are passionate about.

We don’t agree on everything but we’ve both taken action on what we believe in.

Neither of us are commercially successful in our own right but I would take that rather than suck corporate cock.

It’s been refreshing to spend time with the family, as well. I hope kids will always give you an answer you can work with as long as you put the time in.

Meeting other people who are so entrenched that you cannot actually have a proper conversation without them ignoring salient points you’re making, in my opinion, has no value.

If you’re an adult it’s your choice.

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