Back after Snowmageddon…

Well I survived it, the media announced today as I was driving around the country that we all had to prepare for the snowpocalypse. The heavens would open and the there would be an avalanche of the white stuff splurging all over the shop…ahem, well, there was some sleet and a lot of rain but really it’s England and it’s January. It’s not like we haven’t   experienced bad weather before.

I was in the petrol station somewhere on the M6 when I made a joke about the impending catastrophe…

The man working there who I can only assume is so starved of human contact on a daily basis would not let me go.

I nodded politely as he delved into the details about snowfall in European countries, Italy has lots, Germany too. I can’t quite remember the whole list of countries he listed together with relative amounts relating them to the difference in attitude in the UK.

“You know it snows a lot in Greece, it happens every year!” I nod to this, at this point I’ve been standing there after paying for about 3 minutes and the queue behind me is getting a bit impatient. I’m starting to wonder if he will let me go without giving me even more detail or maybe explain about a snowflake’s unique structure and how the Inuit people have over 20 words for snow (I think, please let me know if I’m wrong about that).

I mean I love talking toot with any old mucker at the best of times but am thinking this is probably pub talk and maybe I’ll be a footnote in tomorrow’s newspapers: “Brown English man and European immigrant petrol attendant found battered to death by emergency lanterns in petrol station by angry drivers impatient to get home! SnowSlaughter!”
So, I started walking off but the guy was still talking. I wish I could’ve stayed longer but the look of sheer hatred from the bloke behind me was enough to curdle milk. He was still talking as I left the shop!

Anyways, am back. Am still waiting for the snow 😦

Had a lovely meal with a lovely friend and am going  to collapse in bed after driving too much after no sleep at all.

Hope you’re safe and warm x

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