A short one before Spain

Have just finished off everything I needed to do before I leave for Spain tomorrow.

Sorry for saying it for all the people not able to get away but I am so looking forward to it. The last holiday I had was…I think in August 2015.

Thing is Farah and I went travelling together for 10 months ending in 2013. Because it was such a long time, think we both felt we didn’t really deserve another holiday afterwards. However, that’s a classic mistake isn’t it? When there are lots of demands and things to get done, pushing holidays off the end of the list is an easy option. But not the best, eh?

Gotta remember to take a break regularly, doh!

Anyways, have written my final FB post. It was a weird experience, I got a bit emotional doing that, I didn’t expect to but it was sort of like saying goodbye to a loved thing, not the same way you would to a person but a thing.

Reading that, it sounds a bit wet but I had been on FB since it started.

I have always been into the latest thing, especially technology but something about it in the last couple of years has, to me seemed wrong. I explained in that final post some of the personal reasons why I won’t go back to it. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat I didn’t bother with.

I kept feeling the same way, like people were using shorter and shorter means to “communicate” more gratification less content. Just say anything, see what happens it’s only a few words/ pictures/ videos etc.

Maybe it’s just me but I tend to not like the herd mentality, it’s cool for a bit when it starts but then the value of any of these new movements becomes watered down with other other ideas/ ways to make money. More, more, more, faster, more people, more “friends”, more adverts.

I don’t know what the answer for everyone else is but for me, it’s go and do something else maybe not completely different but something I haven’t done for ages or a new thing or just spending time with people I never did before.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out for me…when I’ve spent time with people I thought I knew…I didn’t, I really didn’t.

I was talking to MelH last night and we were swapping stories about expectations…she has some doozies.

One of my most jarring experiences was when I was getting married and my best friend (I thought) who I had spent literally years with told me he didn’t want to be my best man or best friend…

He cut all contact with me 3 months before the wedding.

Not what I expected! Much…

3 years later he contacts me and says it was a massive mistake. I forgave him and tried to understand why? I still don’t… we resumed our friendship, I thought I needed him.

Last year he got drunk and told me he loves hunting foxes, has invested in foreign oil prospecting companies in Iraq, thinks women are just there for sex and to be used plus he voted UKIP and thinks non white people are generally dirty…

I didn’t expect that.

I cut all contact with him. I expected to miss him. I didn’t my life became much, much better.

MLH and I agreed keeping those users away and not allowing them to drain you is so important but hard when you’re open, honest and caring.

Next post from Spain! Woohoo!

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