Mixed emotions

The true consequences of successive governments under funding services for the most vulnerable people in our society is that hard working people are paying for others’ social care whilst the politicians and managers in the NHS, Adult Social Care and the CQC relax in plush offices:


This government has given the go ahead for local authorities to raise council tax to increase funding. So, instead of increasing the proportion of funding already in place they expect hard working taxpayers to foot the bill for social care.

Providers have been pleading with the government for years to increase funding but no notice has been taken previously. At the same time the CQC have carried out a draconian policy of hard line inspection with no support to small providers, levying heavy fines where possible to further increase the financial burden on the provider and taxpayer.

Whilst this suggests that there is an increase in funding coming to providers so they can continue to provide high quality care, as always, it will be too little too late for a lot of independents.

If this isn’t disgusting and uncaring policy from on high, I don’t know what is…




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