Goatskin parchment?!?!?!

I’m not on social media much but I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

I mean, what now?! Are we living in Spitting Image…:


Please note, originally from The Lone Tweet  (thanks for publishing this).

What next?

Theresa May won’t come out anymore because it’s cloudy?

Boris Johnson decides to only quote facts?

Michael Gove returns to the cabinet?

What now!? That last one just happened!??!?

@#@!*??!##*** !!!

It’s better than Big Brother…

Hmm…thoughts brewing…maybe…

Maybe that was the plan, the timing’s a bit coincidental…

Boris’ endgame?

Could it be… selling advertising space in the media for the battle royale: politicians vs endemol for who can keep the population more entertained?

Incidentally, FOX owns 50% of endemol…so, they would make a fair bit of cash.

We’d end up with nothing much on mainstream media apart from endemol productions/ reality TV and videobytes from politicians plus repeats of how good life used to be on Dave.

Stranger things ARE happening…

The political machine of the United Kingdom grinds to a halt because goatskin takes a few days to dry! HAHAHAHHAHHAAAAAA!

My preferred tune today for dealing with this sort of thing:   Fractured – Subhumans

Please note: hero image image credit, By Michael Palmer – Own work

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