If you are a UK citizen, please vote tomorrow.

Ignore the media, look at the evidence:

Theresa May flim flams everyday

Jeremy Corbyn has stood by his principles for years

Theresa May has a proven track record of FAILING (police resourcing, Adult Social Care, NHS, Post Office, Rail etc etc…)

The Labour manifesto has a clear plan for resolving funding and resourcing issues, Corbyn is strong enough to see these through

Please take a look at this video and make your own mind up:


I grew up in 1970’s racist Yorkshire and remember how grim life was then, Theresa May’s government and policies remind me of that time. Some people’s behaviour has changed dramatically, in my opinion, as a result of the lack of progressive guidance from the authorities and the as good as, unregulated mainstream media bias towards right wing xenophobia and racism.

I have heard some people say they won’t vote for Labour because Jeremy Corbyn “will take us back to ’70’s!”

Well, I feel like it’s already happened and it’s down to Theresa May to be accountable, please let her know…

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